Know your car is secure. All the time.

IndigoGPS uses state of the art cloud technology that ensures it is always ready to report.

The Indigo Cloud provides security and privacy, but most importantly, peace of mind. With IndigoGPS, you are in control of your car’s security and safety.

The Tracking Process

1. Indigo

IndigoGPS uses GLONASS and Assisted GPS technologies, as well as an accelerometer and other movement sensors to record and store location and statistical data.

2. Indigo Cloud

This information is encrypted and subsequently uploaded to the Indigo Cloud through a secure connection that ensures privacy.

3. Your Device

View your IndigoGPS’s data through a desktop computer, or through the app on your mobile device. The dashboard allows you to view all of your Indigo’s information in real time.

Indigo Dashboard Features


   Vehicle tracking from anywhere in the world


   The app does not need to be running for it to work


   Customisable reports and alerts

IndigoGPS will notify you in the following situations:

Ignition on and off


Harsh Acceleration

Harsh Braking



Device Connected/Disconnected

GPS Signal Lost

Excessive RPM

Possible Collisions

Vehicle Moved

Unusual Vibration

Low Battery