Your own personal mechanic.

Cars can have surprise issues at any time. Indigo alerts you before it happens.

Indigo is on your side. It reports and alerts you of potential problems with your car before it happens. Avoid that feeling of embarrassment that comes with a surprise breakdown in the middle of traffic.

Keep your car healthy.

Your car looks after you. It’s time to return the favour. With IndigoGPS, you can avoid potential problems and breakdowns with the a vehicle monitoring system that alerts you before they occur.


IndigoGPS actively monitors the following:

Service Due

Know when your vehicle will need a service instead of waiting around for problems to occur.

Fuel Usage

Determine your vehicles fuel usage and the driving behaviours that are contributing to higher fuel usage.

Battery Usage

IndigoGPS monitors your vehicle’s electrical system and alerts you when the battery is low, or there is an unusual drain on the battery.