Terms and Conditions

Please see our Terms and Conditions of purchase and use of IndigoGPS product below.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use

Terms and Agreement of Sale of IndigoGPS products, and IndigoGPS Software Hosting and provision of mobile, SMS and/or 3G Data Services (Subscription Fees).

Below is what you need to know.

1. You agree to use the products strictly in accordance with all applicable laws including any privacy and disclosure laws, and you will not hold IndigoGPS responsible for any breach of these laws.

2. You agree to use the products and software in accordance with the IndigoGPS user manuals which are available online.

3. You will ensure all other persons using your online account will abide strictly in accordance with all applicable laws and use the software in accordance with the IntelliTrac user manuals.

4. You will keep safe your online username and password and will not disclose it to others. We recommend you change your default password upon first login.

5. You must not tamper with or allow others to tamper with the IndigoGPS device installation or data sim cards. If you do and IndigoGPS incurs any direct or indirect expenses or claims as a result, you will be personally liable.

6. You must not remove or allow others to remove the IndigoGPS data sim card from the IndigoGPS device. If you do and IndigoGPS incurs any direct or indirect expenses or claims as a result, you will be personally liable.

7. In return for a prepaid subcription fee, IndigoGPS will provide 5MB of Monthly Data Services (which is appoximately 5000 GPS positions each month) and internet based online software to allow you to track the GPS devices. Once your monthly allocated 5MB of Data is utilised, IndigoGPS reserves the right to suspend the device  for the remaining portion of the month. You acknowledge that IndigoGPS may charge you for any surplus data usage over and above the 5MB allocation per month or reduce your prepaid subscription term.

8. You must pay the IndigoGPS subscription fee when purchasing the IndigoGPS product. The subscription fee commences on the date of purchase and ends 12 months, 24, months or 36 months repectively based on the IndigoGPS prepaid subscription you purchase.  The subscription fee may not be reclaimed or credited if you do not use the IndigoGPS product or software during the term.

9. IndigoGPS will send you an invoice at the end of your prepaid subscription term.  If you do not pay this invoice, IndigoGPS will terminate your service and delete any user profiles and stored data.

11. If the IndigoGPS device fails to track or send data, you must notify IndigoGPS as soon as possible. For privacy reasons we will not be monitoring each individual device to ensure that it is functional at all times. Therefore we recommend you log into the software each day and ensure all is working fine.

12. You cannot claim a refund or credit of any prepaid subscription fees if the GPS device has failed to track or send data.

13. Upon termination, you are still liable for any outstanding amounts to IndigoGPS.

14. All software and data remains the property of IndigoGPS and you have rights to use the software and data when your subscription fees are paid in full.  You also agree that IndigoGPS has rights to view and process data colected by your IndigoGPS device for research and development purposes, data analysis and big data mining. Any data collected is depersonalised.  

15. You must maintain all software including anti virus and spyware on all computers using the IndigoGPS Online Software or App and provide a suitable internet connection of 1.5MBPS or greater. IntdigoGPS software currently performs best on Google Chrome and we encourage you to use all our recommended Internet browser at all times.

16. You expressly acknowledge that due to circumstances often beyond the control of IndigoGPS, including (but not limited to) software viruses, power failure, electrical or topological interference, equipment malfunction, tampering by unauthorised persons and the actions, omissions or outages by suppliers of telephony and communications services, the IndigoGPS Products software & Telecommunications Services may not operate as designed. This does not form a basis of making any claim against IndigoGPS.

17. You also acknowledge that IndigoGPS is not responsible for damages for Products and Services or their failure to perform, as a result of any defect in the vehicle or asset being tracked, or by accident ,vandalism or other consequence.

18.You therefore understand and agree that IndigoGPS will not be responsible for any performance, or failure, of the products or services including software, and any resulting loss of business or profits or other loss or damage whether due to the circumstances envisaged above or otherwise.

19. This order is binding once issued on this IndigoGPS Electronic Online Order Form. IndigoGPS has the right to accept or refuse the order.

20. The prices payable for the IndigoGPS Products and Software and Data Subscription Services are quoted in this Agreement and/or shopping cart check out.

21. IndigoGPS warrants that the products supplied in this agreement are free from defects and defaults and fit for the purpose for which they are intended as of the date of purchase.

22. This warranty continues in force for a period of (12) twelve months from the date of purchase.

23. During the warranty period IndigoGPS will repair or replace, at its absolute discretion, any defective products or component parts at its own expense less removal, reinstallation and shipping costs back to the IndigoGPS Service Centre in Melbourne Australia.

24. IndigoGPS Warranty immediately becomes void if  you fail to comply with  the User Manual operating instructions or other information or you or any person not authorised by IndigoGPS attempts to service, repair, assemble, disassemble, tamper the IndigoGPS products (or components thereof) or ; your vehicle or asset has been involved in an accident or materially damaged. 

25. The warranty offered by IndigoGPS is a back to base warranty and you are liable to pay any device removal, shipping and re-installation costs.

26. IndigoGPS will provide GPS positional data at regular periods of travel when the vehicle ignition is on. 

27. Position Data may not be real time due to factors including but not limited to mobile phone network coverage and latency within the Internet or Information Technology Infrastructures.

28. IndigoGPS may induce error lamps and notifications or prevent the vehicle starting in certain makes and models of vehicles which do not comply to OBDII standards.  These errors are normally cleared by simply unplugging the IndigoGPS device and turning the vehicle ignition off and on.  If such errors occur we recommend purchasing the IndigoGPS OBDII bypass cable.  IndigoGPS will not be held liable for any errors which require clearing by a Mechanical Workshop.  Please refer to the IndigoGPS forums for a list of makes and models of vehicles which may be subject to error conditions.