Enjoy peace of mind.

Why alert a stranger when your car alarm goes off?

Traditional car alarms rely on other people to care about your car and to notify you that the alarm has gone off. This system is simply outdated and dysfunctional.

IndigoGPS is better than an alarm. You care most about your car. You need to be alerted.

“Excellent product and follow up customer service. Tracker arrived the next day after purchase. Simple and easy to install with excellent reporting. Simple to transfer to different vehicles as well.“


“Great product, use it in some of our bigger trucks, easy to swap from vehicle to vehicle, very helpful support.”


Advanced Vehicle Security

IndigoGPS is an all-in-one security and tracking hub for your car. Receive alerts for potential security threats through your iOS or Android device or on your computer. The Indigo cloud ensures connectivity even when you are in another country, so you can sleep safe knowing that your car is safe.


IndigoGPS will alert you in the following situations:

Unusual Vibration

IndigoGPS will alert you in the case of any unusual vibration such as power tools or prying.

Device Disconnected

You will be alerted and notified immediately if the device has been disconnected. 

Vehicle Moved

You will be alerted and notified immediately if your vehicle is being moved or towed away.