Indigo Business

$339.95 + $20/month

IndigoGPS is a simple plug-and-play GPS tracking system which provides live tracking, journey replay and driver activity reporting, all in real-time. 

This variant includes all IndigoGPS features available and is the ideal solution for fleet management. 

The device is paired with a data subscription fee of $20 per month. Cancel at any time.

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What You Get


IndigoGPS Device

With a sim card inside

Indigo Cloud Subscription

Access to the mobile and web app

A data subscription

On the Telstra Network

A unique username and password

Used to login to your dashboard

Installation Instructions

1. When you receive your Indigo

Open the box an note down the IMEI number and Serial Number below the manufacturing Date

The last 8 digits of these are your username and password respectively.

2. In your car

Install the Indigo in your car by following the instructions published on the IndigoGPS packaging.

If you are unsure of the location of your OBDII port, follow these instructions.

Please ensure that your Indigo, once plugged in, will not interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle. 

3. Open your dashboard

Open the Indigo dashboard here, or download the free iOS or Android app.

Enter your username and password, as found in step 1 of the installation instructions.

4. Change your password

We recommend that you change your password to something you’ll remember.

You’re all set!

We recommend that you join our online community forum to get the best out of your IndigoGPS and be kept up to date with new features, handy hints and learn how other in the IndigoGPS community are getting the best value and results out of their IndigoGPS.