All your vehicle's information at a glance.

The Indigo Dashboard is a powerful application that works on your smartphone or from the web.

It receives all the data from your IndigoGPS device and makes it available for you to see. It also allows you to track multiple vehicles at once.

Visualise your driving.

  Become a safer driver.

Use the Driving Behaviour score to improve your driving. It spills individual driving behaviours so you can focus on what’s important.

  Be aware of the problem.

The dashboard instantly alerts you of possible problems with your vehicle, actions that threaten security or other driver behaviours.

  Instantly locate drivers and sum up journeys.

Monitor the vehicle of a loved one or of your employees. The web app allows you to instantly locate vehicles in real time and replay journeys taken.

Track all your vehicles.

   Vehicle tracking from anywhere in the world 

   The app does not need to be running for it to work

   Customisable reports and alerts

Access Everything

The Indigo Web App is a powerful, all-in-one application for managing all of your vehicles in one place. It works on any device with any browser.

Dashboard Log.

The Dashboard records all of your vehicle’s information for you to see on your desktop or mobile device.

Driver Behaviour

Track your improvement as a driver.


See notification and alert history.


Monitor your vehicle’s battery health.


Get route history and track mileage.