Keep an eye on what's important

IndigoGPS is an all-in-one GPS tracking device and advanced security hub for your car or for your business vehicles. IndigoGPS makes it easy to keep your own vehicle safe from theft, keep an eye on loved ones, or monitor your employees usage of company vehicles. All you need to do is plug it in.

Vehicle tracking tailored to you

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Real-Time Location Tracking

IndigoGPS uses advanced GLONASS and Assisted GPS technologies to accurately track your vehicles location in real-time, and record this information on a map where you can easily view journeys and where your vehicle has previously been.


IndigoGPS does not need the ignition to be on, or the device to even be plugged in for it to continue sending location reports and status alerts. Our Anti-Theft features include a backup battery and alerts you when the device has been unplugged in the case of a vehicle theft.

Fleet Management

Easily see what’s happening out on the field at a glance with our real-time location tracking for fleet vehicles. Use our driving behavior features to analyse idle-times and speeding to reduce fuel costs.

Business Reporting

Indigo can automatically email you a range of business reports such as journeys taken, stop locations, client visits, idle times, activity inside and outside of working hours and more.

And your business, too

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Enjoy peace of mind

IndigoGPS constantly monitors your vehicle’s location, and provides real-time updates and alerts on your vehicle’s activity. It alerts you when your vehicle has been moved, if the engine starts, if an unusual movement is detected, and even continues to report even when the device has been disconnected.

A mechanic in your pocket

IndigoGPS monitors the health of your vehicle and reports a countless amount of customisable statistics such as fuel consumption, your vehicles battery levels, or even when your vehicle is due for a service.

Keep an eye on your teenage driver.

Just got their license? Worried about where they’re going, or if they’re driving as safely as they say? IndigoGPS tracks and monitors driver behavior by reporting harsh braking & acceleration, tailgating, possible collisions and more to calculate a driver behavior score.

“I’ve tried pretty much every GPS tracker on the market, but IndigoGPS is by far the easiest and most functional device out there

It has everything I need to make sure my employees are using company vehicles appropriately, as well as keeping my own car safe and secure.”


“My son just turned 18 and got his licence and I made sure to install one of these in his car. He hates it but it lets me see everywhere he goes.
We go over his driving behaviour rating together and he’s already starting to improve.”



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Indigo Business

Packed with features ideal for Fleet Management

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Indigo Lite

Packed with all the basic features

$239.95 + $20/mo


IndigoGPS is fully supported and backed by IntelliTrac Australia – the largest GPS tracking company in Australia today – so you can be assured of high quality, robust and secure technology.